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Dateline August 2012

The Cultural Resource Archaeologist Illinois State Archaeological Survey was recently contracted by IDOT to perform the survey of a larger area encompassing much of Barrington. In addition to Langandorf and Citizens Parks, Chippendale was included in their survey. The specific interest on the area within Chippendale is due to its seemingly undeveloped nature.

Based on aerial photos dating back to the 1930s, the area in question has not changed Рno houses, buildings, roads, etc. appear in any of the photos in this parcel. Likewise, areas along creeks and rivers were popular places for Native Americans to settle. There are known archaeological sites in other areas along Flint Creek, to which the creek in Chippendale flows. This combination made the area along the creek within the Chippendale association a high probability area for intact archaeological deposits

The plan was to excavate a small (~1 foot diameter and up to 2 feet deep) hole by hand and we screen the soil looking for any prehistoric or early historic artifacts. If found, we record the location of where artifacts were found and the soil profile (topsoil, subsoil, etc) of the shovel test. After each shovel test, we refill the hole and replace the sod cap.

The Archaeological Survey was completed; no archaeological material was found in the area.

Melissa Baltus, Ph.D. Candidate University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Cultural Resource Archaeologist Illinois State Archaeological Survey, wishes to extend her appreciation to the Chippendale Homeowners for allowing them access to the property.