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Wondering how Chippendale streets came to get their names?

This was found online at the Barrington Areal Library.

Commonwealth Court: This court was named after the Commonwealth of Virginia where Georgian architecture was used during the early development of the state. These styles are used on homes along the street.

Hampton Park: Named after Hampton, Virginia, which is a port on Chesapeake Bay. Hampton, England, was named for the Third Earl of South Hampton in 1705. He was a collaborator of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, during the reign of Queen Ann. At that same time Georgian architecture took root in both England and America.

Marlborough Road: Named for the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough: John Churchill and Sarah Jennings. He was Knighted and named Duke of Marlborough after leading English and allied forces to victory over the French in several battles over a ten year period. She was one of the Ladies of the Bed Chamber to Queen Anne, a close friend and military advisor who promoted her husband’s fortunes.

Williamsburg Park: Named after Williamsburg, VA, which has become a national treasure of restored Colonial and Georgian architecture. The city was named for William of Orange, the predecessor to Queen Ann, who reigned when Chippendale designs reached their popular zenith.

Georgetowne Lane: This street is named for Georgetown, SC, which was settled during the reign of Queen Ann.

Bosworth Field: Named for the battlefield where Yorkist King William III fought Henry Tudor’s army in the English War of the Roses. Tudor won the day and became King Henry VII.