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The Chippendale Homeowners Board of Directors work diligently to improve and maintain the infrastructure of Chippendale.

Over the last few years we have repaired/ replaced two and a half of the three interior walkways. We have repaired lighting and replaced underground wiring on most of the streets and interior walkways. We have added bubblers to the Georgetowne Retention Pond in an effort to control algae, and installed stones to help stem erosion of the banks of the Retention Pond.

We continually work on trimming trees on the common area, removing any damaged or diseased trees and planting new trees when necessary. We are attempting to repair grass on the Common areas, unfortunately with this year’s draught the seed that was planted has remained dormant. The Chippendale signs on Providence Road have been replanted; once again due to the draught they are not as lush as we would have hoped. Next year we are confident that they will look much better.

In 2013 we would like to work on repairing or replacing the banks of mail boxes in Chippendale and look to repair the interior walkway between Georgetowne and Bosworthfield. We will continue to plant new trees and bushes where necessary and continue to repair the grass on the Common Areas.

As a Homeowner we value your input. If you have any suggestions on Capitol Improvements or repairs please send an email to Pat Karon and they will be reviewed at the October Budget Meeting:

Thank you for your input.

Pat Karon, President
Chippendale Homeowners Association